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Please see a statement by the Biden-Harris Administration on their commitment to securing U.S. supply chains for critical goods including rare earths 
Biden-Harris Administration Announces Further Actions to Secure REE Supply Chain

Biden-Harris Administration commitment to clean technology
Executive Order

Klienman Center for Energy Policy's report on transitioning to non-fossil fuels and the impact of supply constraints
Resource Constraints for the Energy Transition

Geological Survey of Critical Minerals 2022 which includes the majority of rare earth elements. 

Report of the Dept of Energy's efforts to support development of critical minerals supply chains
DOE Critcal Minerals and Materials Strategy

Article by the Foreign Policy Research Institute on the America's vulnerability with regards to rare earths. 
America's Critical Strategic Vulnerablity - REEs 

Report by the DOE on the importance of Neodymium rare earth permanent magnets and a supply chain assesment
DOE - Rare Earth Permanent Magnets - Supply Chain Assessment

Websites of Interest

Northwest Mining Association - www.nwma.org

National Mining Association – www.nma.org

Society of Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration - www.smenet.org

Mining & Metallurgical Society of America -www.mmsa.net

Metals Pages - www.metal-pages.com

Governments Agency Websites


Sundance Chamber of Commerce - sundancewyoming.com

Crook County - www.crookcounty.wy.gov

Weston County - www.westongov.com


Department of Agriculture - wyagric.state.wy.us

Office of State Lands & Investments - lands.state.wy.us

State Engineer’s Office - seo.state.wy.us


Forest Service – Black Hills - www.fs.usda.gov/blackhills

US Fish & Wildlife Service - www.fws.gov

Natural Resource Conversation Service - www.nrcs.usda.gov

Department of Environmental Quality – Wyoming - deq.state.wy.us

Mine Safety & Health Administration - www.msha.gov

Environmental Protection Agency - www.epa.gov