Governor's Visit Photos 5/9/24

Looking at Skid

RER's CEO, Ken Mushinski, shows visitors the first equipment skid that arrived on site earlier this month. This is the first of several skids that will be arriving over the next several weeks that will be integrated together to create the processing stream for the plant.

Building Expansion 2

Improvements to the brownfields site, located in Upton, WY, continue.  A majority of the exterior work has been completed. The original building is being expanded to accommodate the processing equipment. Visitors got to see panels being secured to the framing under the direction of Leonbro, the general contractor for the project. 

Meeting 5 9 24

Dante Leal of LNV, engineering firm, explained the equipment skid assembly, as well as how the skids are installed in the structure, which is under final renovations.

Group 5 9 24

Governor Gordon and Ken were joined by Upton’s Mayor, Nick Trandahl (left of Governor), and City Superintendent, Mark Linstrom (right of Governor), on the site visit.