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Rare Element Resources recognizes that the Bear Lodge Project represents an opportunity for significant economic growth for our local communities and Wyoming during both construction and operations.  We are committed to using local suppliers and contractors when possible, but acknowledge that the specialized nature of certain aspects of our operations may require the use of outside industry experts.  We will strive to develop and maintain good relationships with our contractors and suppliers because we see it as a key to our success in building a sustainable operation that creates value for the community and for all stakeholders. 

If you or your company would like to be considered to help us build the Bear Lodge Project, please feel free to complete the form below:


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All potential suppliers/contractors will be thoroughly screened. We will look for suppliers/contractors that are able to: 

  • Meet or exceed our environmental, health, safety and social responsibility requirements

  •  Maintain ethical business conduct

  • Accept and comply with our General Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

  • Meet our specifications and requirements

  • Make competitive bids related to the relevant selection criteria

  • Adhere to applicable laws, standards and regulations